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11:09 17 Aug 23
There are physicians who are experts. A professional, reliable and caring clinic.
Enes SoykanEnes Soykan
11:25 16 Aug 23
Ayşe BenkAyşe Benk
19:06 27 Jul 23
It is the only address of value, modesty, friendly team and hygiene given the approach to patients. When it comes to his expertise, my dear teacher Hasan, being the doctor of a troubled patient like me is your greatest misfortune and my greatest luck. I am grateful to you. I have not known another doctor who does not care about material things, provides all kinds of convenience, cares about the health of his patient, thinks down to the smallest detail and does what is necessary. .I am glad that you exist, you are in my prayer behind my every prayer 🤲May my Lord bless you with your success, insha'Allah, with my deepest love, greetings and prayers 🤲
Pinar YigitPinar Yigit
15:19 21 Jul 23
Mr. Hasan and Ms. Esra are the two sweetest doctors in the world that I can recommend blindly. I have an extreme fear of dentists, now I can have every procedure done here without any fear 🙂 I had porcelain veneer and filling procedures and I had no problems, their team and themselves are very knowledgeable in this business. You can come without hesitation.
sevinç Ünal Saysevinç Ünal Say
17:54 27 Jun 23
I can say that my child got over his fear of teeth thanks to Mr. Hasan, he really solved our dental problems with his interest, approach and expertise, I recommend it to everyone.
James LawsonJames Lawson
16:51 27 Jun 23
I've been going to this dentist for many years and would definitely recommend it. Great patient care and they put a lot of emphasis on making people feel welcome and comfortable.
caner sertcaner sert
16:47 26 Jun 23
I would like to thank Mr. Hasan, who did my root canal treatments, and the whole team for their efforts and efforts. A hygienic, clean and reliable clinic where you can go safely. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you Antares Dental Family🦷
soydan kılıçsoydan kılıç
12:56 09 Jun 23
Very caring, very pleasant clinic. I recommend Mr. Hasan, a root canal treatment specialist.

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